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The Importance of Video Marketing During a Pandemic

Amidst a global pandemic, video marketing is more important than ever to your business. 

As COVID-19 has spread around the world and cities have shut down, businesses have struggled to adjust to this new reality – and with it, their marketing plans. Although the future looks uncertain for everyone, your marketing must continue for your business to have a future at all. Your story needs to be told. 

Although your marketing budget may be a little tighter, video marketing will be a useful tool that offers you many potential returns and benefits – it allows you to evoke emotion and trust, drive action, catch the consumer’s eye, create authentic testimonials, tell stories, sell products and services, or simply serve as a form of content marketing. In these times of quarantine, when everyone is online all the time, videos can reach an even wider audience. 

Emotional stress is at an all-time high for many right now, and video is one of the most effective ways to connect with people emotionally. This is a huge opportunity for your business to showcase your commitment to your clients and community. Work towards creating video content that engages with people – have conversations with them so that they don’t feel so alone. Show the human side of your business and stay engaged with your community.  

It’s a scary time right now and it may be tempting to “hit the brakes” on your business’ marketing and communications, but we would advise the opposite—don’t take your foot off the gas pedal.  

How has the pandemic affected video production?  

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 outbreak has created a large disruption to videographers and video production companies around the globe. In a “normal” world, most productions require crew members to be on location and around other people in order to film what is needed. However, with physical distancing measures and government mandates now in place, it’s a little trickier.  

This pandemic has forced video production companies to think outside of the box and be creative in the ways that they can continue to capture content that is engaging to their audiences. How can we pivot and be agile? How can we continue to create content with the limited resources we have?  

What kind of videos can be produced during a pandemic?  

  • Videos that address customer concerns and questions. If your consumers have heightened concerns regarding their health, take advantage of video(s) to outline the new precautions you are taking. It’s most effective to have someone in a senior position, such as a VP or President, address the camera directly while reassuring and updating customers on your actions. If you’re a pharmacist, you could create short, informative videos where experts answer common questions related to the pandemic. 
  • Video tutorials that can help your customers cope without access to the product(s) or service(s) you provide. This demonstrates your commitment to helping your audience/clients solve their problems. For example, if you are a nail salon, you could offer a do-it-yourself manicure tutorial. If you’re a restaurant, you could provide videos teaching your customers how to make a variation of your signature dish or drink. 
  • Videos that show your business giving back or pivoting during these times of crisis. Create a video that humanizes your brand and demonstrates how your business is giving back to the community. Are you a manufacturer now making medical masks? Or a restaurant delivering meals to frontline workers or those unable to re-stock their groceries? Use videos to show this process and the positive impact you’re making in your community.  
  • Videos that drive action. You can use videos to drive specific actions from your audience. Perhaps they’ll watch your video and be inspired to do the same for their community.  
  • Videos that bring people together as they stay apart. This is an opportunity to look at the pandemic and social distancing in a different light. Focus on the extra time that people now have to play with their kids, pursue new hobbies or passions, or simply relax with their loved ones. You could even leverage the cancellation of notable events – like the Calgary Stampede, for example. A video showing people of all ages celebrating at home, wearing cowboy hats and boots, dancing, and toasting with friends over video calls could create a message of solidarity, positivity, and “we’re all in this together.”  

These videos can replace or supplement written content that you share on your website and social media pages. The possibilities are endless.  

How can you prepare for a safe shoot?  

As the client, there are some actions you can take to prepare for a safe shoot: 

  • Minimize the number of people on-set. Only those who MUST be there should be. 
  • Ensure that all individuals on-set have had NO COVID-19 symptoms for a minimum of two weeks prior to the shoot. 
  • If anyone on your team plans to be on-camera, have them do their own hair/makeup/wardrobe prior to arriving on-set. This prevents the need for physical contact with another person, such as a stylist or crew member.  
  • Reinforce the need for regular handwashing prior to, during, and after the shoot. 

How does the video production company prepare for a safe shoot?  

Here at Jillian Irene Lee & Associates, we take extra precaution on video shoots occurring during these times. Steps we take include:  

  • Filming only if/when and where the client is willing and comfortable 
  • Filming in a space bigger than usual or outdoors for location shoots, to allow more physical distance between all people and equipment 
  • Reducing the size of the crew – although this may lengthen the shooting time, it will still be done skillfully with the right (knowledgeable) crew members. For example, we’ll have a director who is also skilled at lighting, or a camera operator who is also skilled at sound recording.  
  • Following all governmental guidelines, including the provision of gloves, masks, and cleaning supplies to everyone on-set.   

Additionally, our video production services are not limited to one specific type of video. We are also available to produce self-shot footage, add animation, or simply edit footage that you shot at home.  

Ready to elevate your video marketing during this pandemic? Let’s talk.  

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