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How to Prepare an Space for Video Shoots — Part 2: Outdoor

Is your company getting ready to shoot its next workplace safety video, employee spotlight, onboarding video, company news update, instructional video, web series, or company culture video?  These video shoots can take place in either interior or outdoor spaces, with real backgrounds (offices, living rooms, outdoors) or fake backgrounds (green screens, studio backdrops). Regardless of where your shoot is happening, it’s important to note that beautiful locations don’t just happen. You can help your video producer save setup time by preparing your space prior to the shoot, to ensure that the space looks as good as possible and is ready to be filmed.  

In part 2 of this 2-part blog series, we’ll be discussing the steps you can take to prepare your space for an outdoor video shoot.  

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Video shoots that are outdoors are a little trickier. Plenty of corporate videos are shot in outdoor settings and still effectively portray the desired message, but it’s important to note the potential issues or variables that could negatively impact your footage. An outdoor shoot is less controllable than that of a production studio or indoor setting – so there are additional preparations that both the video production company and you, the client, can make in order to ensure a successful shoot.  

The preparations for an outdoor shoot must begin well before the actual day of the shoot. You may need to scout locations with your video producer to determine the background you’d like best. This could range from outside your office building to a city park. If filming in a public area, your producer will need to see if a permit is required. 

Here are some factors your producer considers during your video shoot location scouting process:  

  • Weather: This is usually the first thing most producers take into consideration for outdoor shoots. What are the general weather conditions at this location? Windy? Cloudy? Sunny? Humid?  
  • Terrain: Is this a grassy, rocky, sandy or wet area? What type of vegetation is nearby? Are there any bugs, birds or other animals present?  
  • Noise: Is there sound from nearby traffic, people, or other businesses? 
  • Time of day: If possible, your producer will scout a location at different times of day. How does the lighting change? Does this affect the mood that you want the video to have? Does the light change throughout the day? If so, your video producer may need to bring in artificial lighting. 
  • Lighting: In comparison to indoor shoots, lighting is the factor you arguably have the least amount of control over. If your goal is to have warm and natural lighting, consider scheduling the shoot to occur during “golden hour” (first hour after sunrise or last hour before sunset). Otherwise, your video production company will adjust camera settings as needed to maximize the quality of your outdoor shots.  
  • Space: Does this location have enough electrical power sources for equipment? Is there a space for spare equipment to be placed? Is there an area where those appearing on-camera can change their outfits or fix hair or makeup (if needed)? Where will the crew stand? Where can the talent or company representatives relax during set-up or between takes? Is there enough parking available for everyone? Are there washrooms nearby? What about space to setup sanitary stations or catering?  

In the case of inclement weather or other unexpected problems, you and your producer will need to agree to some sort of contingency plan. Can you reserve a backup shooting location? Can you rearrange your schedule if there’s too much wind, background noise, or too little sunlight? Make sure you have a backup plan for any situation that could arise outdoors. 

With some planning ahead of time and a willingness to adapt and be flexible, outdoor video shoots can effectively capture the footage needed to produce an attractive and attention-grabbing video.  

Here at Jillian Irene Lee & Associates, we’ll work with you throughout the entire preparation process of your video(s), from picking your locations to checking the weather. Regardless of where you decide to locate your video shoots, we’ll make things as easy and smooth as possible to prepare the best space to tell your story. Ready to get started? Let’s Talk.  

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