2020 Year in Review

JIL & Associate’s 2020 Year in Review

Crazy, cuckoo, bananas – what a year!! As 2020 draws to a close (and good riddance), Susan and I are still taking time to reflect on the positive things that happened for us… 

It was while walking side-by-side on treadmills at the gym last December, that we decided to enter a collaboration together based on my video production business. We hired Wingman Direct Marketing in January and spent 3 months preparing for our re-brand from Jillian Irene Lee to Jillian Irene Lee & Associates. We wrote a full business plan (which Jillian had not ever taken the time to do before!) We created value statements that now guide our operations, and templates to ensure consistency in our policy & process. Together with the marketing team, we launched our new endeavour on April 1st, complete with new logos, a brand guide, a shiny new website and social media accounts. 

We were grateful during the first quarantine in the spring for the time to focus on building our new presence, and as we emerged from the lockdown, felt well positioned to take on new business: 

  • Producing live streamed events 
  • Diving into real estate and testimonial videos 
  • Shooting educational and sales videos 
  • Pivoting to provide still photography sessions 
  • Taking on new film crew roles such as COVID Safety Manager 

In our documentary division: 

  • We signed a distribution agreement for Michelle’s Hope and are pursuing a relationship with an experienced Executive Producer 
  • We were fortunate to meet Chantelle Dean of Aled Events and start development on a New reality/documentary series called Craft/Ed 
  • We met an extraordinary woman who survived the sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise ship and are hoping we can develop her story 
  • We continued filming for our documentary, Hammer 

Additionally, we were fortunate enough to add Scott to our team for sales & acquisition, one of the films Jillian worked on won some film festival awards, and we had the honour of meeting and working with the first female President of the World YMCA! So cool! 

We feel truly blessed when we can review our year in this way, instead of focusing on that darn curve! We truly hope you are also able to pull some light from the darkness that was 2020 and wish you all a fantastic 2021. Thank you for following along on our journey! 

– Jillian & Susan 

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