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5 Tips to Optimize Your Videos for Social Media

Between different devices and plenty of streaming platforms, video consumption in social media is at its all-time high. Adding pandemic-related social restrictions to the mix, users are watching more videos than ever before. This reflects their natural need for human interaction. In a world that’s becoming more digital and less traditional, sharing videos in your social media channels is the best format for you or your brand to be seen.  

Picture this: you’re navigating through social media, and you land on a famous cheese brand’s recipe video titled, “We Made a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with 6 Different Types of Cheese”. The title interests you, so you watch the video. An hour later, you’re driving to the grocery store to buy an insane amount of cheese from the same brand. So how did this happen? The answer is simple: you just watched a beautifully made video that was carefully created and optimized to spark interest and it worked. So how do you do this for yourself or your brand? Here are 5 tips that will help you optimize your videos for social media: 

  1. Interest your Audience with Eye-Catching Visuals 

Going back to the “grilled cheese” example, users are more likely to click on your video if you have a healthy mix of a catchy (non-clickbaity) title and an interesting thumbnail. Even if the video plays automatically, you still need to catch your audience’s attention – You want them to WANT to stay watching your video to increase your conversion rates. A good way to retain your viewers is to take advantage of the autoplay time. Grab the users’ attention in the first few seconds of the video with interesting facts, captivating visuals, or important takeaways.   

  1. Make Sure that Your Video Works With and Without Audio  

Even if your video plays automatically, it’s likely that it will begin playing without sound if users have their phones on silent. Also keep in mind that some viewers like to watch videos without audio for a wide variety of reasons. Prepare for any scenario – Make your video accessible with or without audio by including accurate captions, descriptions, and adding subtitles 

  1. Optimize for Every Platform 

Every social media channel has their unique specifications when it comes to file size, resolution and play time. While Facebook’s maximum video length is two hours, Twitter’s limit is two minutes and Instagram’s limit is one minute (unless you upload to IGTV!).  

To guarantee that your video is high-quality, viewable, and visually-pleasing, pick the right aspect ratio for each platform: 

  • Facebook: 1280 by 720 pixels for regular videos and 4096 by 2048 pixels with 2:1 aspect ratio for “360” videos.  
  • Instagram: 600 by 600 pixels for square videos, 600 by 315 pixels for horizontal videos, and 600 by 750 pixels for vertical videos. 
  • Twitter: 1280 by 1024 pixels for horizontal videos and 1200 by 1900 pixels for vertical videos.  
  • Snapchat: 1080 by 1920 pixels 
  • Linkedin: 4096 by 2304 pixels (max size) and 256 by 144 pixels (min size) 
  1. Use Native Video Uploads  

Biteable defines a native video upload as, “video content that is uploaded directly to (or created on) a social network and played in-feed on that platform”. Social media’s ever-changing algorithms favour native uploads. They also have a higher share rate than videos shared from another platform. If possible, try to upload your videos directly on your social media channels. If the video is too long, upload a snippet to the platform and include the link to watch the full video. 

  1. Track your Analytics 

Your video might be eye-catching and optimized for each social media channel, but is it performing well? Video analytics let you check your video’s performance and define which platforms are giving you optimal results.  

Once your video is uploaded, make sure to keep an eye on the analytics. By knowing what interests your audience, you can decide what content works best and what needs to change. Analytics also help you define what format works best for your video, what channels are receiving more views, how many users performed a call to action, and how long they watched your video.  

Closing Credits (Or Tip #6!): Invest in Good Video Production 

JIL & Associates’ creative design process ensures that your videos will always align with your vision and your social channels. Our experienced video production team will pre-produce, shoot, and edit social media optimized videos for small and large businesses. Ready to start sharing beautiful videos that are produced intentionally for each social media platform? Let’s Talk. 

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