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3 Types of Videos to Use in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’re considering adding videos to your email marketing campaigns, you’re on the right track to create a bigger impact on your audience! By including videos in your email communications, you can form a deeper connection with your subscribers while improving your sales. Ready to learn the benefits of videos in your email marketing campaigns and what types will work best for your brand? Let’s dive in!   

Why Video? 

People receive 120+ emails every single day (according to CampaignMonitor). They scan the content quickly and assess if they are interested in it. Even it’s coming from a familiar brand, if the content doesn’t catch their attention right away, they won’t bother reading the entire email. How do you avoid this? Innovate your email campaigns with videos. Videos are easier to digest; helping your customer receive a clear message without having to read too much.  

If you want to keep your subscribers interested, it’s important to experiment with different email marketing formats continuously. Video is the ideal tool for your email communications because it captures and maintains the viewer’s attention while influencing them visually to consume your products or services. According to a study by tubular insights, 73% of marketers say that video positively impacts marketing ROI.  

A few more benefits of using videos in your email campaigns:  

  • Increases brand awareness and engagement
  • Boosts website traffic 
  • Adds to digital presence when viewers share the videos in their social media channels 
  • Promotes products and services in a fun and innovative way 
  • Educates new prospects about your products and services 
  • Generates sales leads with audiovisual calls to action 

What Types of Videos Should You Use in Your Brand’s Marketing Campaigns?  

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is that your customers have willingly subscribed to your content. Use this to your advantage. They are already invested in your brand, so retain them with high quality videos that will inform and entertain them.  

Here are 3 examples:  

  1. Tutorials 

These videos are important for new users or clients that are still not familiarized with your brand. They are useful to “onboard” a new consumer or remind your audience about the benefits of your products or services. Selling a skincare product? Show your audience how YOU want them to apply it! Instead of just displaying a visual catalogue, teach your clients how to live their day-to-day life with your product or service.  

  1. Promotional Videos 

Introducing a new product or service? Tell your customers about this with video! Try to create a series of short “teaser” videos to generate intrigue about your new launch. It will attract loyal customers and will keep them expecting what’s new to come. If you’re already creating a promotional video for social media or tv, take some time to prepare an email format as well.  

Jillian Irene Lee & Associates tip: Prompt your viewers to watch the full video by letting them know that there’s a surprise discount hidden in one scene.  

  1. “Non-salesy” Videos 

“Salesy” is a term used to describe marketing your product or service in a blunt and direct way. When used constantly, this type of marketing tends to make your clients feel uncomfortable and unresponsive. It’s important to include a mix of “salesy” and “non-salesy” content in your marketing strategies to give your audience a glimpse of your brand’s lifestyle. When you include videos that are “non-salesy” in your email campaigns, your clients will appreciate feeling like you’re communicating with them on an individual level. New email subscriber? Send them a quick (pre-made) video with a few members of your team welcoming them to your digital communications. New office? Record a video tour and include that in your email! Feeling inspirational? Share a motivational video wishing your clients a great day.  

Your audience will feel identified and will appreciate knowing what’s going on behind the scenes. These types of videos help you create bonds with them while showing a glimpse of your company’s culture. 

Jillian Irene Lee & Associates tip: Keep in mind that the marketing objective for these videos will be awareness and engagement, but even if it doesn’t drive as many sales as a promotion or a tutorial, it’s still an important part of your brand’s story.  

Closing Credits 

If you want your email marketing campaigns to stand out from the rest, you MUST include videos in them! At Jillian Irene Lee & Associates, we can help you put together all the pieces to create captivating videos that will make your email marketing campaigns thrive. Ready to go from “unsubscribe from mailing list” to “share now”? Let’s talk.  

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