3 Ingredients to Telling Good Stories

3 Ingredients to Telling Good Stories

Do you have a cool video idea that you want to whip up into a sweet story? This is the perfect recipe for you! Whether you’re looking to create a new corporate video or following a passion project, your story should be captivating and well-told. So, how do you achieve this? This blog gives you the 3 ingredients you need for telling good stories.

What Defines Telling Good Stories?

The main objective of a good story is to keep your audience engaged at all times while presenting a clear introduction, conflict and resolution. Your video must guide the viewers through relatable, interesting content that will ignite an emotional connection – you can achieve this with a combination of factors ranging from the plot, characters, soundtrack, lighting… and even camera angles! 

Speaking from an analytical point of view, if your video has a good story, its numbers will be even better. If your video’s views, shares and overall engagement is on the rise, then you’re doing something right! Learn more about the metrics you need to focus on to measure your video’s success here.

And now, it’s time to gather up your ingredients. For the recipe’s instructions, just mix everything and serve your wonderful creation!

JIL & Associates’ Signature Good Stories Recipe

*Serving size may vary. No need to preheat the oven.

Ingredient 1 – A Dash of Important Questions (Who, What, Why?)

Note: Yes, technically these are three ingredients, but they are amazing when used together!

This is by far the most important ingredient for a good story. By answering these three questions, you’ll have all the information you need to create a video that works for you AND your audience. Ask yourself the following:

Who – Before you create a story for your brand, you need to define the “who”. How is your brand perceived? Does it have a clear personality and voice? And there is a second part for this question:  Who do you want to create this story for? Can you describe their hobbies, struggles, and what they love about your brand? 

What – What is the message that you want to transmit to the world? Will this content match the values and voice that your brand is aiming for?

Why – Why are you telling this story? Do you want to capture the attention of future customers? Do you want to create social conscience? Having a clear objective for your story will keep you focused on attaining your goals while creating a powerful narrative that will stir up an emotional reaction from your viewers.

Ingredient 2 – A Tablespoon of Real, Raw Emotions

Note: It’s okay to ask for help with this ingredient! More ideas = more flavour! 

For this ingredient to work, you must put yourself into the shoes of your ideal audience. Will they connect with your story on an emotional level? What details of your story are meant to bring them in? A great tip for a killer story is to not be scared to be exactly what your audience is: HUMAN! You can use emotional elements to engage better with your viewers. Show real emotions and pain points that your audience can relate to and we guarantee that they will want to share your story with friends and family.

Our approach needs to be as natural as possible. Being vulnerable is never easy, but sharing your deepest challenges helps you or your brand connect with other humans on a deeper level. Your audience may have similar experiences, and this shared connection may inspire you to create even more stories!

Ingredient 3 – Practice, Practice, and MORE Practice!

Note: Be VERY generous with this ingredient!

Sometimes, the best stories need to be edited more than once. Test different versions if you can, or show your story to a smaller group of people that can provide feedback and tell you exactly how your narrative makes them feel. As redundant as it may sound, practice does make perfect. The more stories you tell, the easier it becomes to share them naturally. By practicing, you’ll learn more about you or your brand’s storytelling style and what type of content will work best for your desired audience.

Closing Credits

Cooking your own meals is great, but there is nothing better than a good plate from your favourite restaurant. What we’re trying to say here is that you can do this yourself, or you can leave it up to the experts at Jillian Irene Lee & Associates to create a compelling story that will have your audience asking for seconds…and thirds! Ready to talk? We are! Let’s talk.

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