Four Corporate Video Articles that Caught the Attention of the JIL Team

As you know, Jillian Irene Lee & Associates is a video production firm based in Calgary, Canada. We pride ourselves in our ability to hear and tell your unique brand stories. If you’re trying to be found, seen, or understood, we are dedicated to providing a platform for your message and voice to be heard. Below are a few corporate video articles that piqued our interest in the last few weeks that we wanted to pass along to you and provide our hot takes:

6 Essential Elements for an Effective Corporate Video


JIL & Associates’ Hot Takes:

Always keep in mind the intent of your video. Remember that your video, although entertaining, should have a clear purpose and answer the who, what, where, when and why questions, rather than trying to replicate a blockbuster film. Similarly, if a corporate video is too analytical, it will be boring and ineffective. It’s meant to sell, train or inform, so it should play into emotion, connecting your audience while conveying your message.

Start a new conversation. An effective corporate video has the ability to open conversation about your company, educate employees and customers, and inspire the team to reach new goals. Many people react better to corporate videos compared to presentations because they have the ability to present a fun variety of auditory and visual information.

Don’t let your budget get in the way of creating an effective corporate video. If you are creative, you can make a professional, informative corporate video that is fun and engaging for your audience on almost any budget.

5 Reasons Every Startup Needs a Corporate Video


JIL & Associates’ Hot Takes:

Be authentic. The more authentic your corporate video is, the more relatable it is to an audience, and therefore the more people will connect with it.

Engage with your audience. A corporate video is not only a great way to promote your brand, but an opportunity to engage with an audience by telling a compelling story. By making a corporate video, your brand becomes instantly accessible to consumers in an appealing way. An interesting video can be informative for consumers and employees alike!

Corporate Video Production Checklist


JIL & Associates’ Hot Takes:

Video is watched more than text is read. We wholeheartedly agree with this article regarding all the reasons corporate videos are important to your business. We regularly cite statistics about how video is the preferred method for ingesting information and how video improves your search rankings.

Pre-production is a lot of work but can be streamlined. This checklist for pre-production is spot-on. It is important that people understand how much work goes into a professionally produced corporate video (and thereby how much work is taken OFF of their plate) when they choose to hire a professional video production firm.

Dialogue is key. Beyond the script, carefully crafted interview questions and a person who is capable of massaging the right statements from the interview subject is also key. This is a very specific talent that makes the messaging shine and helps the editor immensely (saving time and money).

15 Extraordinary Corporate Videos You Must Watch in 2021


JIL & Associates’ Hot Takes:

Video is multi-sensory. We always tell prospects that corporate video is the #1 way to reach your customer. Because it is the only form of information transfer that is multi-sensory, the chances of your message being absorbed is higher. Brand storytelling and documentary style videos that humanize the brand are key.

Video testimonials are becoming standard. More people should be harnessing the power of the testimonial video. Just as we all read the product reviews on Amazon before deciding what to order, a great number of us trust the authentic, unscripted testimonials your clients can provide.

Don’t try too hard. We can’t impress enough the importance of the “don’t try too hard” section. Memorized or teleprompter read scripts DO NOT work unless you are a seasoned speaker or performer!! Trust your director to lead you into a conversation in which you will share all your wonderful knowledge about the product/service you know so well – no need to memorize – you will inevitably look like a deer in headlights and sound like an amateur, otherwise.

Set yourself apart. The importance of creating corporate video content for your brand may not be realized right away but the tone you set for your brand will have a slow simmering ripple effect over time that will set you apart from your competition.

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