How Video Testimonials Can Increase Sales and Conversions

When shopping around for a product or service, the two most important questions a potential client wants to answer is: “Does this work?” and “Will it work for me?” Think about it – how often do you find yourself searching for more information about a product or service to help you decide before you buy? One of the first things we look for to find a promise of customer satisfaction are reviews and testimonials. According to Big Commerce, 72% of consumers say customer testimonials increase their trust in a business. Keep reading to learn how video testimonials will set you apart from the competition and increase your sales and conversions.

Video Testimonials Improve Credibility

There is no more  impactful way to build trust with new clients than by showing that past clients stand behind your product. Following up with former clients who are willing to personally vouch for your work reflects highly on the quality of your services and the integrity of your brand. By using video testimonials to share customer experiences, potential clients can get the scoop straight from the source and develop a personal connection with your happy clients. We are all susceptible to the bandwagon effect, which is the idea that if other people like something, we are more likely to check it out for ourselves and give it a shot. This is even more true when it is B2B, where a Demand Gen Report found that as much as 97% of B2B businesses cited testimonials and recommendations from peers as the most reliable type of content. Bringing in happy customers to talk about how much they love what you do will fuel the growth of your client base.

Video Testimonials are Accessible

What if we told you that you could get all the knowledge you needed about a product by watching a 2-minute video instead of reading 2 pages of information? This would save you not only time, but also effort, in making your decision. Think about how many people prefer visual learning and how you can use your video testimonials to entertain as well as inform. According to Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics 2021 survey, when asked how they’d most like to learn about a product or service, 69% of participants said they’d prefer to watch a short video. Additionally, people are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content. Using video allows you to show off your branding and leave a strong impression in as little as a 30-second clip. People like it when things are easy. By making the research process effortless and fun, your potential client is happy to choose you and associates a stress-free and enjoyable experience with your business.

Tap into Emotion and Show that You Care

Going the extra mile to reach out to previous clients and hear their feedback shows that your brand is committed to being there every step of the way and seeing the customer experience through from start to finish. Video testimonials allow you to paint a picture of the full experience a customer will have with your business from the time they pick up the phone to conclusion. The most powerful thing you can do to market your business is to develop an emotional investment between the consumer and your product. By watching a video testimonial, the potential customer identifies immediately that the solution your business solved for past customers can be solved for them.  They start to visualize themselves in that position.

Video Testimonials Tell a Story

With our expertise and proven track record, Jillian Irene Lee &  Associates can bring client stories to life through video in a way that traditional written testimonials just can’t. We got together with Calgary Realtor Karen MacPherson and some of her terrific clients to find out why they love working with Karen. We produced a series of video testimonials for MacPherson to tell her story through the voices of her customers. Check out her videos [Karen MacPherson; Realtor | Our Work | JIL & Associates (] to see just how powerful they can be.

Closing Credits

Video testimonials are essential for your business! People love to watch and share videos that are informative and well done. The more reviews and testimonials that show a positive experience with your business, the more sales and conversions you will achieve. Video testimonials make potential customers feel like they are getting information straight from the source which builds trust between you and your audience. All these factors give viewers confidence in choosing you to take care of their needs.

Set yourself apart by appealing to the personal nature of storytelling through video and consider incorporating video testimonials into your marketing strategy today. Have questions about how we can make this a reality for your business?

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