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3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have a Promotional Video

Thinking about stepping up your marketing game with a promotional video?

When it comes to content creation, video production will always knock it out of the park. Videos allow you to connect with your target audience, promote your business, and drive traffic towards your online presence. Think of it like a commercial, but better, because people who seek out this video are already interested in your business and want to hear more. A promotional video shines the spotlight on you and all you have to offer, so use it as an opportunity to tell your amazing story! The world needs to hear your story. The team at JIL & Associates can help you tell it through a promotional video.

1.   Show and Tell

With a promotional video you can explain your product, mission, and values all wrapped up into a neat little package. Tell your viewers exactly who you are and what you stand for in one fell swoop, showing how passionate you are about what you do. Videos are a great way to demonstrate your product in action and bypass wordy text descriptions that clutter your website. Studies show that 59% of people prefer video over text, so take advantage of what you can do with the camera. Show off your product and its details in a natural setting where viewers can see it in action. This leads us to our next point.

2.   Provide Value

By incorporating instructional material into your promotional video, your video acts as a how-to guide for people who are researching related information to your product and they become potential customers. For example, a kitchen blender company might include a clip in their promotional video of how their machine comes apart for easy washing. A potential customer struggling to wash their current blender may come across this video and decide to upgrade to the one in the video after they’ve watched the promotion. Never underestimate the value of incorporating education into your content. In this scenario it’s a win-win situation! Informative videos are great for you and your prospective clients. Here’s 6 more reasons why your company will benefit from video marketing.

3.   Videos are Shareable

Because videos are such a great opportunity to entertain as well as to educate, they lend themselves well to being shared by your potential customers. Wondering where to put your videos in the first place? Check out this article we wrote on the best places to share your business videos. Show off your brand’s personality with a promotional video that reflects YOU. Give people a reason to share your video – whether its your brand’s sense of humour, passion for your mission, or an amazingly produced video. This is your chance to connect with potential customers and build a relationship of trust and accountability, which will build the foundation for a loyal customer base. Put your best foot forward!

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