Why You Need to Hire a Director

Within the video production industry there are countless job titles and responsibilities. When it comes to the video production team, you’ve likely heard several roles and titles thrown around like director, producer or videographer. Each do a completely different job (with some overlap). Ever wondered what each person does and what skills your business needs to leverage for the creation of your video storytelling? Do I really need a director and a videographer? What’s the difference? What does a Producer do?

Today, we’ve rounded up some fantastic industry articles to help shine a light specifically on what a director does and why it’s so important that you hire one to help produce your videos.

What’s a Director and Does Your Video Really Need One?

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Directors oversee the vision. They are the ones who have the final say on what shots, takes, and creative choices make it to the final cut. On the set of a marketing video the planning and communicating of the vision is their main role. Their work starts before they’ve ever stepped on the set in the Pre-Production stage, where they may prepare the video pitch, script, storyboard, shot list, find locations and plan out the shoot day. They may hire the rest of the production crew which includes the videographer, sound operator, lighting team, and potentially any actors that may be in the video for product modelling or speaking roles.

What Does a Director ACTUALLY Do?

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A director can wear many different hats which is essential to maintain cohesion among so many moving parts. This video explains that although there are many people who contribute to the filmmaking process, the director plays an integral role as the head coordinator who keeps the show together, ensuring that the product of everyone’s efforts closely matches the intended vision for the video and that everything turns out exactly right. The director pays close attention to all the little details that make up the masterpiece.

Why You Should Have a Director and a Videographer

Source: (Skillman Video Group Do You Need a Videographer or Director of Photography? | Skillman Video Group)

A videographer is responsible for capturing things on camera. Often, they work on more straightforward projects, like capturing events such as weddings, birthday parties, or even short films. Their role is specialized to the process of capturing the moment with the camera, while a director has a more overarching role, being the one to watch the takes and make decisions. Often a videographer can work on their own when the project isn’t too large or complex, but when it comes to projects such as brand videos, corporate videos, and commercials, hiring a director will ensure that you get the results you need to tell your story.

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We hope that this has helped identify the role of the director, and explained their part in making your stories come to life. Now that you know what amazing strengths a director brings to a project you can see how important they are in helping you make a great video!

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