A documentary following a group of Warhammer 40K players from Canada as they play the regional tournament scene all the way to The Las Vegas Open, 2020.

Warhammer 40K

Forty thousand years from now, in a galaxy very, very close to home, ‘Hammer’ is a documentary following a team from Alberta, Canada, as they seek to dominate their chosen table-top war game. We follow them from the frozen prairies of Western Canada to Las Vegas, Nevada, where the world’s biggest tournament of Warhammer 40K is held. The event hosts a thousand players, all competing for the coveted ‘Las Vegas Open’ championship title. The film highlights the importance of connection and friendship, whether competing against a complete stranger or your closest buddy.

– Anies Hassan

Meet the Team

Chris Hayne

I got into Warhammer 40K while in university. My hobby has remained a passion, and more than that, a constant link to new and old friends alike.

Daren Jac

I was rated one of the top 100 Warhammer 40K players, going into the 2020 Las Vegas Open.

Anies Hassan

Anies produces videos for nonprofits, commercials, music videos and short films.​

Eric Giesbrecht

Eric Giesbrecht has been in the television and theatre industries for over 15 years on the technical side and as producer of films and television.

Jillian Irene Lee

Jillian is an award-winning video producer and storyteller. She is passionate about inspiring people and telling personal stories that connect and unite us

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