Predator Drilling

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Predator Drilling

Incorporated in 2008, Predator Drilling is a premiere drilling contractor based in Red Deer, Alberta. Whether you are looking for a service provider in oil sands delineation, preset drilling or shallow oil and gas well drilling, Predator will deliver outstanding results. The Predator fleet is current and modern with an average age of less than 3 years and depth capacities ranging from 1000m to 2500m. The management team truly believes the company’s primary strength is Predator’s dedicated workforce and they are focused on maintaining the position as a market leader through innovative programs such as the Rig Incentive Plan (RIP) and a comprehensive in-house training program. Predator’s guiding philosophy, rooted in the core values of the company; accountability, safety, teamwork and performance excellence, allows them to maintain an exceptional level of service and attention to detail while delivering uncompromising results. 

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